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Service Name To subscribe
Adab al Muslim Send A to 91402 by SMS
Al-Afasy Service Send A to 91400 by SMS
Asrar al Soum Send A to 91406 by SMS
E3jaz Al Quran Send E to 91400 by SMS
Hadith Images Send H to 91402 by SMS
Hamasat Send H to 91406 by SMS
Husn al Muslim Send H to 91405 by SMS
Islamic Images Send S to 91400 by SMS
Khatmat Al-Quran Send K to 91405 by SMS
Khotba wa muwaz Send M to 91402 by SMS
Sira AlNabawiya Send S to 91406 by SMS
Service Name To subscribe
Ehab Tawfiq Service Send E to 91404 by SMS
Fayrouz Send F to 91406 by SMS
Greeting Subscription Send A to 91404 by SMS
Short Videos Send C to 91404 by SMS
Service Name To subscribe
Dr.Fawzia -Intimate Relation Send M to 91404 by SMS
Dr.Fawzia -Marriage Problem Send F to 91404 by SMS
Diet And Motivation Send D to 91404 by SMS
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