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E3jaz Al Quran

An Islamic –scientific service sourced by the holy Qur’an where the customer will receive daily one of Qur’an miracles that has been proven by the modern science. Customer will receive the content in a shape of image with “AYA” followed by a text explaining the in imitation in that “AYA” and the scientific proof on that.

E3jaz Al Quran Service Samples
To Subscribe  E3jaz Al Quran Service
Country Operator Name To subscribe
Bahrain Batelco Send E to 97111 by SMS
Bahrain Zain Send E to 77013 by SMS
Iraq Zain Send 1 to 2729 by SMS
Jordan Orange Send A to 94063 by SMS
Jordan Zain Send E to 91400 by SMS
KSA Mobily Send E to 603118 by SMS
KSA STC Send E to 801230 by SMS
Kuwait Viva Send E to 50811 by SMS
Kuwait Wataniya Send SUB to 1669 by SMS
Kuwait Zain Send E to 90031 by SMS
Moracco Moractel Send 2 to 9025 by SMS
Moracco MediaTel Send 2 to 9025 by SMS
Moracco Wana Send 2 to 9025 by SMS
Qatar Q-Tel Send E to 92514 by SMS
Turkey Avea Send E to 3804 by SMS
Turkey Turkcell Send E to 3804 by SMS
Turkey Vodafone Send E to 3804 by SMS
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