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The most famous living singer in the Arab world and one of the best known of all time. Her songs are constantly heard throughout the region, and still spark national pride has came back after many years with a new album. Aiwagulf brings you exclusively the icon Fairouz with digital Mobile ringtones of her new Album “Eh Fi Amal” and her previous albums all on your mobile with high quality MP3 format.


Fayrouz Service Samples
To Subscribe  Fayrouz  Service
Country Operator Name To subscribe
Iraq Asia cell Send 1 to 1029 by SMS
Iraq Zain Send 1 to 2750 by SMS
Jordan Orange Send F to 94063 by SMS
Jordan Umniah Send f to 98931 by SMS
Jordan Zain Send F to 91406 by SMS
KSA Mobily Send FY to 609199 by SMS
Kuwait Zain Send Z to 90328 by SMS
Lebanon Alfa Send 1 to 1307 by SMS
Lebanon MTC Send 1 to 1307 by SMS
Qatar Q-Tel Send Z to 92851 by SMS
Kuwait Viva Send F to 50815 by SMS
Syria MTN Send ANY SMS to 1778 by SMS
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