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Subscription Manager (SM)


Subscription Manager is subscription Platform & Delivery Engine aimed at mobile operators to launch subscription services for their subscribers. The platform is a channel agnostic engine which allows launch of subscription services across SMS, WAP and IVR. Content is delivered to Mobile Users FOC on subscription at defined intervals
The platform offers mobile subscribers; value for money and ease of use as compared to Pay-per-Download model  and builds loyalty from one-time purchase to recurring sale of a product
  • Launch and market a Subscription services to its users
  • Increase loyalty, helps reduce churn, securitizes revenue and brings an element of predictability
  • Drive significant increase in subscription revenues
  • Allows carrier to integrate multiple CPs for subscription
  • It will allow telecom operators to launch various types of subscription services
  • Zero Capex
  • The subscription engine works as a base for launching future services in the roadmap to trigger new revenue streams
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