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AiwaGulf Ring Back Tone (RBT) library consists of thousands of contents performed by top celebrities and developed internally to address all the tastes of mobile users. The main categories of AiwaGulf RBT are Khaliji Songs, Arabic Songs, International Songs, Islamic, Funny and Poetry.

Special songs, poems, hymns, prayers or funny sketches, AiwaGulf has one of the largest localized mobile content libraries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. To provide the best RBT services, Aiwa Gulf has been acquiring more RBT contents and gone into agreements with mega content providers in the region.

AiwaGulf's library include contents of major names in the market such as Mrs.Fayrouz, Meshal Al Arooj, Wael Kfoury, Nawal Al Zoghby, Assi Al Hillani, Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin and our in house production contents "Smile Group" –to name a few- and many more

Ring Back Tone (RBT) service is operating in more than 24 GSM Operators in 14 countries around the region. The subscription process of RBT differs from operator to another operator due to the system mechanism of each operator. To subscribe to the service, there are certain steps that should be taken with each operator to be able to subscribe to the services.


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