About Us|Message from CEO

Since the Commencement of operation back in 1998, AiwaGulf has consistently focused on the fulfillment of people’s day to day needs and requirements. Our main objective at that time was to convert this small device into an entertainment and educational engine that touches and as much, changes the life experience of mobile users.

Thanks and appreciation to mighty God blessings and will, we were able to achieve our objective and leave a noticeable print in the habitual life of the mobile users. AiwaGulf success story is a combination of practices and values that have been adopted by all layers of the
organization which led to this witnessed success. Innovation, creativity, open environment and listening to customers and partners are some pieces of our core daily routine and became a major part of our values.
Now that the new technologies have emerged, AiwaGulf has taken this advancement as a challenge to align and to offer elevated services that could add a new experience and new horizons to mobile users.

Our vision has been considerably modified at this stage of our operation as we have taken certain steps to systematically expand our business  vertically and horizontally taking into consideration the new business opportunities with operators, corporations and Government entities thus adding the B to B business model while maintaining and developing our original core operation. The long term strategic vision of AiwaGulf in God willing is to become the number One world VAS provider.

On behalf of AiwaGulf, I sincerely thank our invaluable customers, our esteemed partners and last but not least, our employees whom all have participated in this remarkable success.
Faisal Alessa
CEO and Chairman of the Board
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