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M-Chat is an easy, friendly and fast SMS based chatting service which allows registered users to engage on a one-to-one chat (peer2peer) or one-to-many (Chatrooms).

M-Chat includes the distinctive ability to connect to PC-based instant messaging systems such as Yahoo, MSN and ICQ Messengers thus enabling instantaneous and real-time chat with both mobile and PC friends.

The mobile users can also access chat rooms whereby they can mingle with like-minded people and can initiate and/or participate in private (one-to-one) or public (one-to-many) conversations.

The application also offers advanced features like spam control, message splitting, seamless domain transition, always-on capability and help tips to improve the user experience.

Registered users can communicate easily with any of the Zain M-Chat communities available on mobile in Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia around the clock.

M-Chat lets you connect with more than 600,000 registered profiles available with different backgrounds, age and gender.

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